Where to actually begin. Well, almost 4 years ago my husband and I started on our Long road to baby. It’s funny actually, for years we tried so very hard to not get pregnant not knowing that when the time actually came it would be so very hard. The first month I thought “well, no one actually gets pregnant the first time” but as we sit here on the 46th month of not being pregnant, we are finally about to embark on our fertility journey. In February of 2014 we were officially diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” which to me translates to “we can’t tell you anything that’s wrong so we will just categorize you here”. We have taken the last 2+ years to really focus on ourselves. Our marriage and careers have both grown so strongly, we have done some great travelling (with a 3 week trip to Thailand coming up) and starting tomorrow, we will be back on our road to baby. Officially. It’s something I wasn’t sure I was ready for. The infertility thing has been a struggle for me (us) to say the least so I wanted to make sure I was mentally and emotionally prepared going back in to it. Since opening up and tell friends and family around us what we are going through, it has been such a huge weight off of our shoulders. When people ask now when we are having kids we say soon, because that is our hope. I thought I would start this blog to help us through this process and anyone else struggling. I can not stress enough that you are NOT ALONE. 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility. That number is big. If I can even help one other person on their journey or give words of advice or encouragement then that is enough for me and if not for someone else, then for us. We will be parents and we can’t wait!