infertility costs how much?!?

We’ve had to sit down recently to work out some of the finances around our next IVF cycle. I figured while I was at it, I’d do a rough calculation of how much treatments have cost so far.

For each of our IUI cycles it cost approximately $1,650 for 14 days of meds, $750 for the sperm washes and about $100 for the progesterone. Luckily, in Ontario, the actual procedure of the insemination as well as all ultrasounds and blood work for monitoring is covered. We also spent about $450 to have Shawn’s sperm frozen in advance of our Thailand trip so that we wouldn’t have to wait 6 months when we returned. In total, three IUI cycles were approximately $7,650.

Moving on to our IVF cycle we were also fortunate to receive a government-funded cycle from the government of Ontario. Even still, I will break down the approximate cost of an IVF cycle as the cycle we will be starting in January will be fully out-of-pocket. I will also note that the government funded cycle does not cover the cost of medication. 12 days of stimulation meds in advance of my egg retrieval was approximately $5,000 with an additional $350 in progesterone suppositories after my retrieval and another $380 for the meds in connection with my FET cycle. The egg retrieval itself costs approximately $7,500 and ICSI (which we did on our first cycle and will do again) is approximately $1,500. Embryo cryopreservation is around $975 and each frozen embryo transfer is about $2,000. Our first round of IVF including one frozen embryo transfer was approximately $18,000. Thankfully, we were covered for almost all of it between my medical benefits and government funding.

In total, our treatments thus far total over $25,000 and that doesn’t even include things acupuncture which was costing approximately $340 per round of IUI and IVF, counselling (which averages $150-$180 per hour) and the cost of all of the supplements.

The only difference between our first IVF cycle and our cycle in the new year is we will be opting to PGS test (preimplantation genetic screening) our embryos which is approximately $4,000. We are also paying for additional blood work we haven’t had done before which will be between $700-$1500 which means we will be closer to $22,000-$25,000 fully out of our own pockets for this next round depending on how many frozen transfers we have to do.

I’m not saying any of this for sympathy, we are fortunate to have had some time to save up and prepare ourselves (and our credit line) for this part of the journey. I truly just wanted to paint a bigger picture for those of you who aren’t going through this and who have asked us about the costs that are associated.



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