FET protocol

I haven’t had much to report since we lost our pregnancy earlier this month. I have really just been trying to take everything one day at a time. On Tuesday we had our FET protocol appointment (FET stands for frozen embryo transfer). The nice thing about our next cycle is there are NO injections. I will start taking Estrace (estrogen) around day 3 for 12 days and I’ll have an ultrasound / blood work done here and there and when we are close I’ll go back on the Endometrin (progesterone) too and then we will transfer our little frozen (but thawed) sesame seed back in. For now, we are just enjoying life. I leave for Montreal tomorrow to complete 20 more hours of yoga teacher training and then next Thursday Shawn and I will head out west to Alberta and BC for a few days. I am glad we still manage to find some comfort in travelling when things go wrong.  Stay tuned for more FET details later next month!


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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