slow and steady wins the race

At least that’s what I keep whispering to my follicles. This cycle has slowed right down. At this time last cycle I was in the bathroom at work anxiously triggering for IUI #1 while this month I still have two more days before my next follicle scan. What does this all mean? This month I have two lead follicles in my left ovary where last month I only had one. I think it’s taking a little longer for these little guys to grow because they are competing with each other. While I’m happy to have two instead of one this month, I’m not confident both will mature and have a feeling I will trigger once the leader reaches its full potential and the other “follie” will get left behind. I only really need one. I haven’t had much to report. Week #2 on Menopur has been FAR less sad than week #1 which is all I can ask for since I legit thought I was going to drown in a sea of my own tears last week. I have been keeping busy with work and friends and my second blog for Fertility Matters Canada was posted on Monday: Dear Past Self. I’ve been way more relaxed in some ways this cycle but stressed out in others. I think overall it’s working itself out though 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Easter long weekend and hopefully I’ll have news of IUI #2 soon!


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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