cd7.. first weekly update

Today marks the end of my first week of our medicated IUI cycle (otherwise known as CD7). What a whirlwind it has been. Firstly, today is the FIRST day I’ve suffered zero side effects from the Menopur but Tuesday through Thursday were somewhat unbearable. My emotions are a little high (I cried.. sorry, BAWLED my eyes out when I missed my train this morning) but that is to be expected. My ultrasound this morning showed that I have TWO growing follicles. One one the left and one on the right. The one on the left is measuring around 1.2 cm and the one on the right is around 0.9 cm. What does this mean you ask? I had no clue. Until I asked my awesome friend (who is due with her little miracle any day now thanks to IVF) and she told me the numbers were good. Typically the doctor would like to see around 2.0 cm before insemination and with 7 days before an anticipated ovulation date, things seem to be on track. This is where things get crazy (to me anyways) – starting next week I’ll start a second injection daily to STOP me from ovulating. I know, strange. But they do that so that the follicles can be the right size before I ovulate and subsequently am inseminated. Once they think I’m good to go I’ll give myself a trigger shot (usually around 36 hours prior to insemination) and voila, those follies will drop and I’ll be inseminated with the good stuff. I will go for monitoring again on Monday and see where I’m at and when I’ll need to start the Orgalutran. Shout outs as always to Shawn for being extra on point this week (and doing all of the grocery shopping and household chores because I legitimately wanted to vomit everywhere for 3 days straight) and to everyone who has had to listen to me talk about this non-stop all week. Love you all. Excited to see what next week has to bring!


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