’tis the season 

I was happy when I returned from vacation to find an email train buried amongst the hundreds where one of the ladies from my mind-body healing group took the lead on planning a social event. A night out for the girls. No counsellors. No agenda. Just talk and laughter and food and catching up. I was SO happy to find out the event hadn’t already happened in my absence. On Thursday we headed over to one of the girls condos (she rented out her party room). We all brought snacks and sat around and drank some tea and enjoyed some delicious food and updated the group on where we were at. So far, none of us are pregnant. But there are a lot of exciting things happening in the new year for a lot of us that bring’s some hope. Hope that maybe by a summer gathering one of us will be pregnant. I’m currently the only one in the group that hasn’t started any treatment. In fact, everyone else in the group has already done multiple IUI’s and are now on to IVF. Some have just had their retrieval and others are at the transfer stage. Some have had unsuccessful transfers and are waiting until the new year to try again. Some are still waiting for funding (more on that in my next post). I am just waiting for my clearance to start IUI (thanks, Zika).

It was also nice to talk about coping and the holidays. It’s coming up quickly and it most definitely is a difficult time of year. I love Christmas. I love all my little kiddies at Christmas. But it also sometimes makes me wonder what it would be like to watch the joy of our own child at their first Christmas. There are also the holiday parties where inevitably someone will ask the dreaded question “so, when are you having kids”. Barf. Just don’t. All in all Christmas is still the most magical time of the year but it’s definitely a holiday that can stir up some emotion.

I am glad I was able to connect with these ladies outside of a formal counselling environment and it’s nice to know that we have each other when needed. It’s amazing how a group of strangers have become friends and such a great resource for what we are all going through.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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