mind-body healing – session 5 and 6

Here I am! I had taken a bit of a break between my last posts a couple of weeks ago and now. I then realized I never posted about my last two mind-body healing sessions. As we all remember the week before Thanksgiving was a rough one. The nice things about the day of the news was we had fertility yoga that evening. I did what I thought I would do and I cried through the entire session but I also released a lot of the negativity I was  holding inside from that day. It was after that session the fog cleared and I remembered some of the options the doctor gave us. After the yoga was complete we did our sharing for the week. That when I told everyone what had happened that day. The amount of support you receive from a group of women in similar circumstances is something I can’t fully explain in words. It was nothing short of amazing. I left the group that night with such a different outlook and for that, I was thankful. There was someone else in the group with the low AMH diagnosis as well and while treatment has not yet worked for her, I think we found comfort in being in a similar situation. We walked home together that night and it was so nice to just talk about it with another female in the same boat. 

Our final session was almost 2 weeks ago. Week 6. In that final session we all shared what our week was like and how the programs impacted us. I shared that since going through the program I have worked harder at accepting the things I cannot change and spending a little more time on me. I will be a Mom. I’ve learned more about, and connected more, with myself in 6 weeks than I think I ever have. After this, our group leader guided us through a self-hypnosis exercise. It was so powerful as I had never experienced anything like this before. It was interesting for sure. 

Last week was the first week without the group and while I was a bit nervous and having feelings of being alone last Wednesday night, I was ok. I will always have moments of feeling alone and like no one understands what I’m going through but the last 6 weeks has brought me in to a more positive place just in time to start fertility treatments in 4.5 shorts months. Time is going to fly!  


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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