mind-body healing – session 3 and 4

Wow. What a week. I can truthfully say I am in a MUCH better head space this week than last. Friday was bad and while I did update the blog I just couldn’t send the email to announce it was updated. Because if someone reached out, I would cry. More than I had already cried. I was down. Very very down. Further down than I think I’ve ever felt. In fact, Friday’s pity party lasted from rise until fall. I couldn’t control the emotions no matter what I tried. My hormones took me hostage and wouldn’t let me go. But the good news is I woke up Saturday in a far better head space and have carried that with me all week.

The first two weeks of the cycle are the easiest (minus CD1)

A lot has happened in our last couple sessions and I am reminded each week how lucky I am to be surrounded by the women who are also going through this with me. Last week we really focused on widening our perspectives which, at times, can be extremely difficult. Our coach showed us a really neat book called Zoom. It was a great picture book and really showed us how limited something can appear when we look at it from one perspective.

Last night was more focused on the mind-body connection. We practiced relaxation meditation last night which was quite different from any other mediation that I have practiced over the last few years. It indeed was very relaxing. I think I even feel asleep for a brief minute because I was truly relaxed.

So I just received some AMAZING news. Originally we couldn’t get our follow-up appointment until December (which is WAY too long for me to wait given we leave November 3rd for vacation and I don’t want to stew the whole time I’m away) and I JUST found out the clinic has an opening next Thursday morning. So if nothing blog worthy happens before next week, you’ll be hearing from me then.

I can’t thank everyone enough for following along and taking the time to reach out. It means so much to me and when I first decided to write this blog it was just for me. I’m glad it’s given me a way to communicate with my closest girlfriends as well through this time. Support is key and that is one area I am not lacking in through this journey. Much love.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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