cd 26… she’s coming

I’d have to say the two-week wait (when actively trying to conceive) is probably the worst half of the cycle. The two week wait is the term that is used to describe the two weeks between ovulation and your BFP (big fat positive), BFN (big fat negative) or your period.

The thing is after all these years, I know my body. I know the difference between period cramps and anything else you may read on the internet. I know that my boobs are rock solid because that’s just what happens 7-10 days before Aunt Flo rolls in to town. I. Just. Know. So, when the cramping and other symptoms started yesterday, I knew it (she’s coming). Normally, I wouldn’t necessarily get down because we haven’t actively been trying for a while (however, not “not” trying either). But this month, this month we tried.

This is when the pity party committee rolls in (me). I will be sad. I will eat everything in sight and I will cry. I will wonder why the F*&K this is happening again and then Flo will arrive and I’ll just remind myself that it’s a new month. It’s a cycle. It starts, it ends, then it starts, then it ends. I just hope one of these days it ends with a BFP.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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