mind-body healing – session 2

Well, it’s FriYAY! I hope everyone had a great week. Last night was session number two of my mind-body healing group and it was another great night. First we gave a weekly update on everyone’s current situations (I shared the exciting news that I likely ovulated this month.. it’s the little things), discussed the readings we did over the week as well as the videos that were circulated. The nice thing is there is no pressure to complete every thing that is circulated but everyone did because we are all working towards the same goal. It was nice to hear the different opinions from the group.

The focus of session 2 was on mindful fertility. We were introduced to the to the ABCs of mindfulness being Acceptance, Body and Concentration. Our leader ran us through a pretty neat exercise that allowed us to really grasp what mindfulness is. It involved  raisin. After that she led a short guided meditation which was nice to really let go of the day.

Near the end of the session a couple of the members of the group admitted that sometimes they feel defeated to the point of wondering if any of this is even worth it. Like if they’re maybe just not supposed to be mothers. While I have had a lot of thoughts and emotions run through my head over the years , I have never thought that I was not supposed to be a mother. In fact, 2.5 years ago when we were officially diagnosed with unexplained infertility I wrote something down on a post-it note and tucked it in my wallet. I have never shared this with anyone (not even Shawn) and when I thought of the post-it last night, I almost burst in to tears (well, I did burst in to tears but I waited until I had left the session).

Simply, the post-it says: I WILL BE A MOM. Because, I will.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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