a day (or month) in the life of the fertility struggle…

This is just a random post of some thoughts that were in my head this month.  It is very similar to thoughts that occur most months but this month it occurred because I have it in my head that MAYBE just MAYBE this could be the month. You see, I have been reading up some things on the internet (which I had completely stopped doing for almost a year prior to starting our fertility testing again) and those things tell me that SOMETIMES women who have a Sonohysterogram conceive in the same month because things are just, well, open. So, here goes the typical thought process in my head this cycle. CD 6 – had my Sono. CD 12 decide to look up what my average cycles have been for the last 6 months.  Determine average cycle is 30 days. Google what day I should start my ovulation prediction kit (OPK). Google says CD 13 (perfect I still have time to go get one!). Start OPK on CD 13. There’s a line but is it dark enough? Sigh. Let’s wait for CD 14. Have mild cramping on CD13. OMG did I ovulate then? Should I have started OPK on CD 11 as if my average cycle was 28?! Better have sex tonight. Check. Okay CD 14 – lighter line than CD 13. Definitely should have started on CD 11. UGH. Let’s just keep having sex every other day and see what happens. Maybe I’ll just test one more time today (CD 17). Lightest line ever. Totally think I ovulated on CD13. Or maybe not at all?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Resume normal life until CD28 (or, 30).

Now, let’s keep in mind that most months have not bee like this. I hadn’t purchased an OPK in months (perhaps even over a year) so this was an exception. However, if we got in to my thoughts during year one and two, I could write a novel on all of my shenanigans to try to conceive (including the hundreds of lost dollars on pregnancy tests).

This was possibly one of those last-ditch efforts before we start our fertility treatments.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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