mind-body healing – session 1

Last night was the first night of a 6 week session I enrolled in on Mind-Body Fertility Support through Mount Sinai. The group consisted of 13 women all in varying stages of their fertility journey. When we all first showed up everyone just sat around the table in silence. Not really saying much. The program is being led by a registered social worker (who also has a masters in social work) and who struggled with secondary infertility. After going through the process of IVF she promised herself that if she made it through, she would work to help other women get through it as well. The evening was mostly just introducing ourselves and telling our stories. There was laughter and crying but overall there was this incredible energy in the room. I think we all left feeling, maybe for the first time, like we were not alone.

Our homework this week includes a lot of self-care exercises. Most of which I can say I already practice. We were encouraged to try to do all 5 everyday exercises daily but we all also know that life gets crazy so at minimum we need to aim to do one a day. The 5 self care exercises include things such as mind stimulation, anything we enjoy, breathing, working on attitude and sleeping. What better weekend for me to exercise all of these things as we head off to the cottage tonight. Will be nice to get away with friends (old and new) and just relax and turn my brain off for 48 hours.

I also have some reading to do on letting-go coping and letting down. Probably an area I do require some work on.  I really look forward to what the next 5 weeks hold for us and can’t wait to share more of the journey with you.

I can definitely say that going through this has sparked my interest in wanting to give back as well. In what way, I haven’t figured out yet but this blog may be the start of something else in the future.

Happy weekend, friends.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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