cd 6.. the sonohysterogram

I did it. It’s over. It sucked. But, it’s over. There’s not much to post on this. If you read the description of the procedure in my first post, then you know. Haha. The pain was moderate but enough to make me cry (surprise). But after the longest 4.5 minutes of life, the doctor let me know that everything in there looks great! No blocked tubes and no scarring (which my fertility doctor was concerned about given the Crohn’s flares).

Oh, here’s a rant. I’m now on the antibiotic for 4 more days and there are all these rules around when I have to take it and I can’t have dairy, iron or calcium within two hours of taking it but my morning pre-natal has iron and my evening pre-natal has calcium so I have to time all these pills so meticulously. Honestly, I am SO HAPPY Siri runs my calendar. “Hey Siri remind me to take my antibiotics in two hours b/c I JUST ATE A FREAKING PIECE OF CHEESE”. “Okay, I’ll remind you”. Sigh.

So now I just have two more progesterone tests (cd 21 and 23) and my routine blood work and I am done. Shawn just has to complete his blood work and then voila, he’s also done!


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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