cd 5.. pre-sono day

One thing I have learned though this journey is there is an abbreviation for everything. TTC (trying to conceive) and CD’s (cycle days) are probably the most common ones that I use. So, as predicted, Friday ended up being CD 1 (I got my period). I called it in and then in my inbox yesterday morning was a listing of everything I had to do on CD 5 and 6 (today and tomorrow). This morning I had to have some blood work done at the clinic and then head over to the women’s ultrasound clinic for my pre-sono ultrasounds. I timed it perfectly as I needed to drink water for both. My veins are SUPER difficult so usually about 30 minutes before having blood work or IV’s I drink about 500 mL of water and then do about 20 pushups to get my veins all amped up (something my naturopath taught me). I also had to drink 1L of water before my ultrasound so I timed it that I could pee after my blood work and then drink the 1L before my ultrasound. Truthfully I drank it about 30-45 minutes before and I only had 750 mL. That way I’m not exploding as I wait and I still had a full bladder. Today’s testing was fairly simple and minimally invasive. Now we wait for tomorrow. The dreaded sonohysterogram.


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

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