day 1 – our first appointment

Well today was the day. Our first appointment. Being the forgetful one I naturally left all of the paperwork in my office so we went a bit early to fill it all out. It’s funny how quickly it all came rushing back. Shortly after it was done we went up to meet with the doctor. He sat us down and went through our history and ultimately came up with a plan. Soon after that I was whisked away in to the room next door to have a few tests done. As I sat waiting for the nurses to come in and swab me, it all hit me. This was starting again. I immediately had a little cry (and was actually surprised that I lasted the first 37 minutes without crying). The nurses came in and made me feel completely normal. The process is overwhelming and they see it everyday but the assured me I was in the best place and that we were working towards the end goal. Baby. After my swabs were done, the doc came in and performed my internal ultrasound. He said my uterus looks great and both my ovaries are accessible if we ever get to the egg retrieval stage. So, I feel like I might be posting out-of-order but a lot happened today. Let me back up, there was good news and not as good news today. So, let’s go good first I always like to start with the positive so the negative seems less negative ha! The doc said once the results were in we would go straight to IUI!!!!! IUI is intrauterine insemination which means that they will take Shawn’s sperm sample, wash it so only the best spermies are left and then inject the good ones right in to my uterus. I was worried he may suggest doing a few rounds of just the hormone meds so this will definitely save some time. The not as good news – I must have another sonohysterogram. It really isn’t the end of the world but it was probably my least favourite test of them all. For those of you who don’t know, a sonohysterogram is when they run saline through the cervix in to your uterus (through a catheter) to get a better look at the uterine cavity. As it’s been almost 3 years since my last one and I have had two Crohn’s flare ups since that time, the doc thinks it’s best that I have another one to make sure there is no scarring. Fine. Okay, now I think we are back on track. After the swabs/ultrasound I went to have some hormone blood work done. As I’m a little bit older now I opted to pay the $125 and have the AMH (anti-mullerian hormone/ovarian reserve) blood work done. Basically the AMH blood levels will give an indication of the size of my remaining egg supply (which I thought was pretty cool). That was the end of my appointment. The doctor gave me a prescription for a pre-natal which he would like me to start now as well as my pre-sono antibiotics so now we just wait for day one of my cycle so they can plan all of my appointments for next month. Lucky for me day one is happening in the next 4 days so we can get the ball rolling. Oh and on Shawn’s side he just has to have his blood work and sperm analysis done so he drops his sample off next Wednesday and then we just wait for all of my results to come back. I feel good. Today was a good day.

Now I have to call my benefits provider and see what coverage we have. Luckily OHIP covers IUI but not the meds. I know we have some medical coverage for fertility, I’m just not sure how much. The doctor circled all the ones I should ask about though so I am going to do that so I can be prepared if we do have some out-of-pocket expenses on this journey (which, is to be expected).

Until next time!


Just a couple of cool kids trying to have their own cool kid!

2 thoughts on “day 1 – our first appointment

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this and sharing your journey! I’m so glad that today was a good day, and that you can go right to IUI! ❤️ You and Shawn so much!!!!


  2. So proud of you for keeping strong during this journey my friend xo . Thank you for the updates . Love that I can be on this adventure with you xo


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